Taking a Little Break

I’ve not been posting much lately as the silence indicates. This has been for a variety of things and I’m grateful to the friend who pointed it out. Things have been intersting in the last month. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. In the last month I have lost the job I found, then got a new one again. I’m temping so it’s still uncertain and the contract could, theoretically, end with the same level of notice as before (that would be – er – none). I’ve also spent some time out of the community which interrupted the routine to some extent. My few days in the rainy city were good but it’s taken a while to get back into things here. I’m still trying to get my studying done and it’s actually getting there although I’m too tired tonight. All of 4 hours sleep last night didn’t help. Oh the joys of insomnia.

We had a little surprise yesterday. The power went down for a while and the house got very cold very fast, and some of the sisters had to rediscover the stairs. They really aren’t up to using stairs very often so it certainly made things interesting. We got to the point of huddling round the stove in the kitchen. Fortunately power was eventually restored and things carried on as normal. We even got to watch the big cats on BBC2!

We’ve also celebrated my birthday and several profession anniversaries in the last month. The latter seem really nice and have been very revealing about the sisters. It’s nice to be part of the community here even when I don’t want to see anyone.

There are some days where I just don’t want to see anyone and that is hard. The community isn’t really set up for that, but I suppose being in community means you have to give and take. Sharing the harder times is a lot harder than sharing the good things.

I’ve even made it to a ship meet or two while I’ve been here – within 8 days of each other! The second was up north and the weekend there was very hectic. I think I planned a bit too much! It was good to see folk from all sorts of places though. I got some nice pressies and was spoilt rotten.

The weekend after I was at a meeting for most of the weekend. It was a productive meeting. I made a good new contact and a friend came to see me in the convent before it started. It was the first time one of my friends has been to see me here. The sisters seemed very pleased to see him. It was nice, albeit slightly strange. When Mum and my friend came to visit (independently of each other) it was strange that the different parts of my life had converged, even though it was a) very brief and b) being in the convent is very much a part of my life. It’s still strange but that is strange too.

The new job is going well. I’m working for the same company, just in a different department, in a different building. I am basically working under my own initiative but my manager seems happy with my work. I get the pleasure of printing off hard copies of computer files and… filing them. I’ve managed to print almost 2.5 reams worth in 3 days so I’m keeping busy.

Things look like they are going to settle down for all of about a week then I’m going away again. I’m off to the SCM Conference in Derbyshire. It’s a complicated weekend. There are 4 birthdays of close friends and family in different parts of the country as well as the conference but it looks good so I’m going there.

Anyway, seeing as I’m almost asleep and it’s my day off tomorrow (NO duties or worship required) I think I’ll try and get some sleep now even at just gone 8pm.

Night Night.

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