This lent I’ll be…

Remembering not to post seemingly cunning suggestions on my blog. I have successfully made it to compline… Ok, I’m yet to make it to compline. It would have made so much more sense not to write my decisions until I’d started them. I’ll know better for next year.

When I’m rich and famous I’m going to buy a new battery for my lap top. One that lasts more than half an hour would be nice. It’s most annoying to get into something then for the stupid machine to shut down again. It’ll take a while until I’m rich and I’d rather not be famous really.

W*rk still seems to be going well, and I’ve applied for a job at the local Museum and Art Gallery. It might not be a good thing tho so I’ll see what happens. The last thing I want end up out of work again. I might lose my desk on Monday cos the person who’s desk it is *should* be returning from sick leave. I understand it would be quite interesting if he does and they aren’t really expecting it.

I spent today in the house, and was on duty twice. In between I read – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, far more explicit than the film – and saw my mentor sister. It’s reflexology tomorrow. I’ve referred myself for counselling now, and got a call about it today but wasn’t there to answer. Left a message and am waiting for them to call back again. I’m still thinking of something the spiritual director asked me to think about. I’m supposed to be thinking about what my ideas/images of God are. I don’t really know. I’m finding this one quite hard to think about.

I’m hoping to go and talk to someone about prayer and herbal medicine tomorrow if i can get in touch with them.

I’ve had a nice evening making cards. I’m always self conscious about such things as I have no confidence in them so I hope they are appreciated. I could always give up again and BUY cards again. It’s a busy month for birthdays and things.

Right, after a short break to reconnect to the electricity I’m back to continue in my random burblings.

I was very dedicated and went swimming last night. I REALLY didn’t want to go swimming but I went eventually, after wandering around town for an hour and a half procrastinating. 26 lengths. Not bad. Definately need a new swimming costume tho. Having fun in the water did remind me of lots of fun I had on Sidmouth beach during the folk festival last year with a penguin and a cuddly toy.

There was lots of snow again today. Last time it snowed, it snowed cotton wool balls but today I just woke up and it was there. I *DO* wake up occasionally.

I’m still trying to write my essays. I feel like I’ve been trying to do them forever. I’ve set myself a deadline tho. I’ve been advised from various folks to give up the course but if I complete the year I’ll get a qualification, at last. Last week I said if I didn’t do some work (an average of 1 hour per night) then I’d seriously consider giving up. I think I did about 20 hours this week, so that’s more than an hour per night. The goal for next week is that I need to have submitted an essay. ARGH. That, too, seems a rash promise. It’s not a big essay but I haven’t finished reading for it yet, so I’d better hurry up.

I’m going to a conference in Derbyshire next weekend which should be interesting. I’m also going to be a group leader which could be even more interesting. I must remember to be on my best behaviour for the weekend. It’s going to be a shame leaving the convent for a few days tho. Last time I did that it took a while to settle into again. Oh well.

I’m being taught to budget while I’m here, it’s something I’m terrible at, but I’m supposed to share the figures to check I’m doing it right. It certainly will be an interesting experience!!! Hopefully it will get me better at doing such things and we’ll see what happens. It can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Anyway, I have 9.00 duty again tomorrow so I’d better get some sleep, and I still have to read some of the Journal Keeping book, the bible and pray. Maybe I was being too optimistic, but I’ve started now so I may as well finish. *Yawn*

Night night.