Curses and Swearing will be omitted (or at least hidden). Honest

If you’ve heard me rant about housemates before, please switch off now. The events are different but the person is the same!

I really wish some things would be left to lie. Some of my house mates I was sad to leave behind at the end of last year, others I was hoping I’d never hear from again. Even to let me know they were dead, assuming they ever are. Since then some I’ve wished to keep in touch with, I don’t ever get round to talking to and others who I don’t want to hear from are still trying to talk to me. Do they not get the message.

Last night I decided to go swimming. A good move, and I swam 40 lengths and then waited an hour in the snow for the bus. Brrrr…. That’s why I didn’t blog last night. I was frozen. It was a good session, and hopefully next week I’ll manage 50! It had been a long day at work and I was bleary eyed from filing over 1000 sheets of paper, so I went swimming to help me sleep. When I got back I collapsed in front of the telly. It was the first time I’ve watched it in ages (although I watched it again tonight – shock!).

When I came up to settle down for the night I saw that I’d been phoned, and didn’t recognise the number so texted to find out who it was. This was my stupid mistake. The ******* started playing silly bees with me and wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Saying that it only took two replies from the other end to let me know who it was, at which point I denied all knowledge of myself. We’ve had big problems via electronic media twice before and I NEVER EVER want to see this person ever again. I tried to convince the person at the other end that they had the wrong number but it didn’t work at all. I received all sorts of horrible message and the phone wouldn’t stop ‘ringing’ (how can a silent phone ring?) until well into the morning. I know that this is a convent and we go to bed (comparatively early, honest) but I’m hardly going to be able to talk at that time of night! We have a time at which silence is required, and it’s definately BEFORE midnight.

As a result of this **** I contacted the service provider to try and get the number barred from calling me, it upset me THAT much, but apparently they don’t do that. They advised that I report the incident to the police but that seems something of a harsh response when the person was probably drunk or stoned. Anyway, the git would probably have even more of a go at me if the police got involved, so I’m left with the hope that I never hear from them again. I can dream.

On a more positive note, w*rk is going well. Or at least I think it is. I’ve come up with a cunning plan for not wasting so many trees, I’ll make CD’s instead. This proposal has gone down well. I forgot to take my timesheet to the agency today so I’ll have to go tomorrow. Oops.

I also went to a good alternative worship thing this evening, complete without tv’s, computers and anything particularly complicated. We had a little music, some stones, pens and paper and some sweets. It was nice. It was also in the chapel so I didn’t have to go too far.

Anyway, gtg. Night all.

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