It was a birthday yesterday. And not one of the sisters. One of my housemates celebrated her birthday by going out and getting drunk, and obviously she wanted company. We had a great time, drinking cocktails and things. We got back at gone 2am and apparently didn’t disturb anyone which was a relief. The problem was when my alarm went of at 6.30 because I’d randomly decided to go to work this morning. I think this was a very daft plan. Four sleep followed by four hours work then 6 hours house duty is not a good combination. Speaking of which I should probably go to sleep.

This week has been quite mad tho. I successfully submitted an essay, but that’s already been mentioned. I also sent off a job application form and I really should send off the other one. Filling it in would be a good start. Tuesday was my complete day off from everything, so did I use it sensibly? No. I went to a meeting which took all morning, then I went and did my volunteering, then I went swimming. By Wednesday I was knackered. Wednesday I kinda forgot to leave work on time and stayed a whole ‘nother hour so missed supper. Fortunately they’d saved me something, then yesterday I was told we were having special supper so to make sure I was home on time. One of those BVM days and all that, along with a birthday, but I hadn’t told anyone I was going to be there for supper so I nearly didn’t get fed. Also earlier in the week I was probably the least popular person in the house as I managed to wake a sister up – not once or even twice but three times. It wasn’t my smartest moment really. Today was my quiet day in terms of house duties and as I said I volunteered to work this morning. My next day off isn’t until Friday because I’m changing days at work next week. By the time we get to Friday I’m sure I’ll need picking up off the floor and pointing in the right direction.

Still haven’t submitted the essay from January, or even looked at it in months. It needs doing. On the positive side I got proof of achievement from my old university this week. It did look very strange seeing that I’d passed the year bearing in mind I thought I’d failed so spectacularly. What is also strange to think is that I’ve averaged 60 credits a year for the last three years and I still am no closer to graduation. Oh well.

I’ve found another job I’m interested in so I’ll have to get in touch with the folk involved. Lots of the people in the house are keeping their eyes open for me which is nice and one of them said that she’d found a job I might be interested in. She gave me the magazine and it’s not one I’ve come across before. I’m not sure I’ll come across it again either. It’s very scary and I’m not sure that I’d want to work for the kind of church that advertises in it. I think I’ll give that one a miss.

Anyway, I’d better go sleep, and try not to disturb any more nuns* late at night.

*Repeat after me ‘They’re not nuns, they’re sisters!’