Seeing as I had to leave in something of a hurry last night I thought I’d finish what I was writing. Other than ranting about swimming costumes I was going to randomly babble about other things too. Fortunately I cannot remember all that I was going to say.

Yesterday was the big deadline at work, which unsurprisingly I missed. I was expecting to and it wasn’t entirely due to my own errors. I ordered some stuff that I NEEDED for the assignment when I first started work but it wasn’t ordered until last week. Also my line manager needed the computer – the only one with correct access – at exactly the same time as I needed it. Oh well. He’s gone now and I have about 2 more working days to complete the work. It shouldn’t be too bad as long as I’m left in peace.

It was really nice to be able to spend time in the community again. I’ve been missing it because I’ve been working too much. For the first three days this week I didn’t make it to any corporate events at all. That’s bad. Today didn’t start much better when one of the sisters visited me in my room. I’d overslept and didn’t start duty on time. She was really lovely tho and covered for me while I frantically pulled myself together sufficiently to get up.

The staff here are interesting too. For the third or forth time since being here I had to ask the cleaner not to clean my room. It looked like a bomb had hit the place and I wasn’t willing for her to clean when it’s in that state. That was yesterday and it still looks as rough as anything. The cook was great this morning. I arrived in the kitchen looking like a zombie and eventually asked if I’d had breakfast, something I’d already been asked by the sister who woke me up. After I answered ‘no’ she bullied me until I ate something. It was probably a good thing.

It is the closing date tomorrow for the job I REALLY want. Hopefully I’ll get short listed as it seems right and a good next step from here. I think it would be really really good. (spot the enthusiasm). There is another vacancy and the closing date is next week but it doesn’t really look so perfect.

Things in the house have been a little more interesting over the last week. Without revealing much because it wouldn’t be fair on the sisters, things were just a little more tense than usual. Okay, I know it’s going to be but when it happens it’s still upsetting. Hopefully it’s all over now but it wasn’t fun.

Recently a fellow wiblogger texted me and if they are reading I’d like to apologise for not replying. I will get round to it but I’m just a little tired at the moment. Tomorrow is my day off from everything and I still don’t know what is happening. I’ve realised I am currently doing the equivalent of 3 part-time jobs on a weekly basis. No wonder I’m tired. It still seems weird that I get more tired doing the same job for three days without a break than when I split them all up. Oh well, everything work wise is back to normal next week but things change in the house. I understand there is some form of religious festival coming up, but I could be mistaken. 😉

Anyway, I NEED sleep so I’m going now.

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  1. no hurry – don’t feel bad. you have enough else on to worry about! still keeping everything crossed for your interview for *that* job. hugs.

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