Easter in a Convent

Having gone from a low church non-conformist background to a relatively high church Anglican order has taken a little getting used to, and over Holy Week and Easter I was aware of just how little I have traditionally done at this time. It wa a little intense from the end of Maundy Thursday as it should have been. Friday was all silent, well, mostly. I was worried about how I’d survive this but I found it really good. I would have appreciated more sleep over the weekend but that was partly my fault as I was frantically trying to write a website. The website was really appreciated and they seem really enthusiastic about getting the right content on there. I’ve decided in this respect that I will let people know where to find the information if they want to see it. I’ve decided I’d rather people found out about the Community than am bothered about hiding my identity. I may live to regret this tho.

Yesterday was lovely. We had a luxurious dinner and had the opportunity to have drinks before and after the meal. I think the drinks were very welcome after lent. When folks were eating meals yesterday they seemed very pleased to be eating things like marmalade, chocolate and salt. The things we give up for lent, eh?

I’m back home now so thought I’d make the most of the internet access here. It’s much better than in the convent. I’m away somewhere else tomorrow, but I had a cunning fall back plan the other day. My time at home is making me think that the idea wasn’t so good after all. The thought was that it may be a good plan to come back home and live with my family again for a couple of years to sort out student debts and things but within a few hours of being home I’d decided this wasn’t for me. I really hope ‘else’ turns up.

It will be an interesting few days anyway but I’m back with the Sisters by the end of the week.

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  1. I’d be interested in seeing the convent website. And it’s too late – I already know who you are! 🙂

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