Computer worries and blonde visitors

I’m getting a visitor today, assuming she arrives here in one piece. A fellow blogger should be headed in my general direction to stay for the night. Saying that, the night may be well and truly underway when she gets here.

I’m still trying to assess the future. I think I’ve worked out how much I would need to earn per year in order to make the plan happen. Can’t decide if this is a good thing or not as I’m still not sure how much I like the plan.

This morning the 2 twenty-somethings were helping (well…) in the kitchen. It did remind me of comments made by Smudgie about how helpful the Smudgelets can be at times. I did feel sorry for the cook. One of us was going round saying “my tummy hurts” and the other looked asleep all morning. Not a lot got done. Well and truly mature, we were. Honest. Oh well.

My computer has decided to play up again. This is not big, smart or clever. I’m having problems with the anti-virus software so I thought I’d download it again and that is expected to take nearly 3 hours. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work properly. I’m also trying to get my hands (metaphorically) on my emails but the daft programme is trying to download them all since day dot. This could take a while. Oh for broadband again.

Living with nuns can be great at times but it is always weird getting back into things again. I’ve been back a week now and still feel somewhat muddled about what is going on. I’m sure I’ll get used to it again.

I’ve been invited to a big party in Manchester soon and must try and sort out accommodation and see if I can afford it but I’ll see what happens.

Anyway, off to look for visitors…


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  1. thank you lots and lots and lots for coping with me and putting up with me (and putting me up!) and thank your lovely nuns for me too. Sorry to have been such a worry arriving. Speak to you soon.

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