Me and my bright ideas

I have plans for the future and they’re bright. But definately not orange. Blue, Green, Pink and Purple but not orange. I’m thinking of going and living out in the real world (which this isn’t really) on my own. Having been a student I have a collection of odd things scattered all over the country so I was trying to remember what I have and haven’t got. I didn’t have plates. The three I’d aquired from charity shops didn’t last the two years I was there so I needed some new ones and now I have some. I bought enough bowls and plates to legitimately call it a dinner set. A 20 piece dinner set unless cups and saucers are seperate then I have 24!! I’m all happy. Sad isn’t it. The Dinner Plates are blue, the side plates are pink, the pasta bowls are green, the olive bowls (the names they give to things – who has olive bowls?) are purple and two of the cappucino cups and saucers are blue and the other 2 are purple. It’s great even though I think of them as big bowls and plates, small bowls and plates and cups and saucers. None of those funny titles. They were in the sale too so they should have been roughly £97 and I paid £30. It’s great. Can you tell I’m pleased?

I’m going to apply for another job or two depending on what I see and things are looking up. Especially as things get back to normal here tomorrow. It’s been a retreat week in the house which means I’ve been confused. Not that it takes a lot.

In my infinate wisdom I’ve agreed to make a banner for an organisation I’m involved in. This is a good plan except for the fact that I have to make it, well I did agree, and it needs to be made by Greenbelt if possible. I’m trying to find cheap but suitable fabric for this venture and you wouldn’t believe it could be so complicated on the internet. I know that it doesn’t normally make sense to buy fabric on the internet but I’m trying to cost the thing while waiting for updates to download. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

Last weekend I bought anti-virus software complete with firewall and all the extra jazz. It’s been really fascinating to track where people are trying to access my computer from. Everywhere from Boston to Lambeth and Moscow to Hong Kong.

Anyway, it will be nice to talk to the sisters again tomorrow.