Update on the accommodation front

It’s been a busy week which is why this is the first time I’ve been online since returning from The Other City. I’m really tired. Two visits in a fortnight is somewhat tiring and I now have a massive to do list. Most of it needs doing before I go back to work on Wednesday…

I eventually found somewhere to live. It was something of an emotional trip. I went on the Thursday and came back on Monday but knew that I *needed* to find somewhere while I was visiting. On the Friday I saw a whole bunch of places that were complete dives. They weren’t even in particularly nice areas so they were definately charging way too much. On the Saturday I only saw one place. It was alright but it didn’t feel right and I’d been told to go on instincts. It would have done if necessary but it is about an hour away from where I would be working and miles away from my friends. Also the bathroom ceiling was only a few centimetres above my head. By Sunday I had worked myself into something of a worried state so went to find any of my friends who were around. Fortunately a number of them had decided to gather together for lunch so I kept them company.

On Monday everything went wrong, then everything went a bit better. The one house I was holding out for suddenly became unavailable and the only other places I had to view were either studios or over my budget. At this point, being the mature and grown up person I am, I had a kiddie style paddy. I was not in the best of moods and offended my friend in the process. Oops. I decided to wander about in a stress moping for a bit. While I was doing this an agency phoned to say, after some negotiation, that they could arrange a viewing for that day. So they did, and I made it worth their while.

The house, not flat, is a newly refurbished two bedroom house with new flooring, curtains, bathroom and kitchen. Even the doors are new. I won’t worry too much about the state it was in before all this work. I did just fall in love with it when I walked through the door so entirely forgot anything practical. I hope it’s alright. I even have the opportunity to ask the landlord for things so have requested an alarm, shower, fridge-freezer, washing machine and bed. I’m being optomistic but don’t expect to get them all.

Anyway, I submitted the application and arranged for the deposit and things to arrive so it’s being processed. I also got confirmation of my job, which was a relief cos I’d resigned the day before.

It’s all happening. I was at work the other day and my colleague, who is leaving on the same day as me, mentioned that there was only two weeks til she leaves. TWO WEEKS? I honestly thought there were 3 weeks left. What this means is that in two weeks time I will be in my house in The Other City and two weeks tomorrow I start my new job!!!

Just to help make me aware of how soon things are happening someone looked round my room in the convent to decide whether she wants it or not. That was something of a wake up call. So after that I started packing. Realistically I have 6 days at work and 6 days in the convent then I move. I have so much to do. My housemate is going to help me move things but at the moment it’s going from being something manageable to something really massive. About equal times for each.

I have been offered some chairs so that is a good start and all I need now is the rest of it… Won’t worry about that until I have the house confirmed and have moved in. I will have FOUR rooms plus the kitchen and bathroom. Seeing as I have lived in shared accommodation until now the space is going to be a shock to the system but hopefully a good one.

Oh well, all change…

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  1. ps you can have some of my furniture if you like, i’m going in the opposite direction, sizewise!

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