Emails and Dreams

Or even dreams and emails. That is the right order in more than one way.

Had the weirdest of dreams. It involved homophobic abuse, people from Home, from Student World and from the convent. It definately wasn’t fun. Oh well. It wasn’t real either, but it did mess me up for the rest of the day. Serves me right for not getting up when the first alarm went off. It happened between the alarms. Must. Do. Better.

I have been promoted to a dafter level of minion that before. I am a sucker for taking on more jobs and not saying no. Must learn from Alice’s list. As a result of my latest scheme I need to send out a whole bunch of emails and letters. Ideally before I move house. What with this being a good church structure it needs the approval of a committee first. It may take a while and I move in 9 days. I think I should have been more organised. Even so, I came online to email folks and I’ve forgotten who I came to email. Oops. I got distracted by my mentor sister who has just returned from holiday complete with a beach.

My mentor sister has ‘mum’ed me and supported me brilliantly throughout the last 6 months so it was really good to see her again.

There is so much to think about at the moment tho. My latest scheme is needing to have some idea about a church to go to. I’m not sure I want to stay where I attended last time I lived in The Other City but I also need to find somewhere that will accept me for who I am without saying nice things like I couldn’t possibly be. I also could do with finding someone who I could explore new spiritual direction things with. Hmmm… the church can be quite a problem at times.

Randomly changing the subject… Does anyone know of someone who might be able to lead a Christian workshop that’s crafty and to do with textiles, like making banners? I really could do with someone.

One thought on “Emails and Dreams

  1. it’s a long shot but rachel would be fab at that.

    trouble is, she’s also a mum now so all travel/weekends away/anything etc needs to be planned like a military operation!

    worth a shot asking her though. i’ll send you her details.

    Also are you still thinking about the ethics one? lovely curate in london who teaches ethics to some of the NSM and OLM courses.

    Actually this should be reply to that email not comment on your blog! will do better…


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