I arrived safe and sound. I discovered the landlord had acquired a bed for me. The relief. It’s a double too. Means I don’t have to sleep on the floor for the next week.

I’ve decided that the comfy chairs, while looking comfy are just too foul to use so will see if they can go. I’ve been offered nearly a dozen chairs anyway. It’s tables I’m short of… not that I’ll have space with all the chairs.

My colleagues bought me nice pressies which I’ll enjoy. I got a Peace Lily, which I’ve had to leave in the convent for now, and a £10 Debenhams voucher. 🙂

It was hard saying goodbye to the sisters, especially my mentor sister. She sent me a really nice email this evening to say that she’s missing me already. 🙁

The first batch of my stuff should arrive tomorrow. I think it will take ages for it all to get to the same place but it will keep things interesting.

I didn’t realise proper cleaning took so looooooonnnnnnnnng. I decided to clean the kitchen properly and even tho it’s small it still took all afternoon. I even cooked. Both these things are a shock. What I had forgotten to collect was my crockery so I had to come up with creative ways of serving the food. I also don’t have a fridge or freezer yet so it will be an interesting diet for a few days or weeks.

Anyway, shouldn’t be online through my mobile. It’s expensive. Will blog again when I can find some form of internet access.


2 thoughts on “Arrived

  1. i take it that means you don’t need the bed – but if I pictured the room at all right when you tried describing it, a double?!?! okay…

    say if you don’t want the comfy chairs, it sounds like you’ve enough… my fridge is in London not here and wasn’t planning to go via, but I do have a spare cooker, tho I know it ain’t quite the same!

    Glad to hear you’re there, settled, sorted-ish – now all I have to do is find you on multimap!

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