I’m sure I get more readers when I’m not writing

I’ve just been checking the recent visitors bit of the site and I’m sure things are creeping up faster now I’m not writing much than when I am. Hmmm…

I’ve now been in the job for over a fortnight and things are picking up which is good. I’ve even had proper things to do for *my* bit of the job rather than everyone else’s.

My flat is looking a lot more sorted now than when I last wrote and I even had the opportunity to visit another wiblogger. Arti even wrote all about it!!!

On the whole I’m knackered having to adjust to looking after myself. Having been in the convent where I was suitably pampered in as much as I worked part time, had my meals cooked for me and my room cleaned, the differences are definately noticeable. 😉

People are being absolutely brilliant tho. In the absence of a washing machine and fridge I received several offers of locations to do washing and the offer of a loan of a fridge. Unfortunately I couldn’t take *all* the offers of places to do washing. Neither could I take the fridge as it just hasn’t worked out that the right numbers of people with the correct mode of transport could be gathered in the same place at the same time. It doesn’t matter tho as Mum is coming to stay next week and we’re going shopping for such things. The problem with this arrangement is that I have to go home. Eugh…

Anyway I should go and find something to eat. It’s amazing how different my diet has become seeing as I don’t have a fridge and for the first week only had one saucepan.
I skipped lunch today, which is bad, because I was having my hair done and then I needed to get to work. It does mean I’m feeling a little tired and hungry now tho.

Oh, and for those people who know what I’m talking about… the EPKAC has a main speaker. HORRAY. At last. What a relief, etc.