Blogging from home

I’ve just discovered that my sister is keeping a blog and I’m not allowed to see it. Fair enough, I suppose. I just hadn’t thought she’d have such a thing.

It was something of an eventful journey home. I left The Other City (although surely it’s just The City now) at about 5.50 yesterday, 25 minutes after the train was due to leave. I arrived in Exeter this morning at 12.20, lunch time. I know the journey isn’t the shortest ever, but that’s three times the usual length, even with the delays. It did call for an impromptu stop with the nuns though. There are worse places to get stranded than Birmingham when there are lots of friendly people in the area. 🙂 On the practical side it was such a relief to have somewhere to stay.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that I won’t have time to go to the Ship Meet tomorrow. I must phone the relevant people to let them know. 🙁 It would have been really nice to see them, and it is still the main reason I’ve come back this weekend. Oh well, there’s always next year.

It’s glorious sunshine in the south west at the moment and mum’s somewhat gutted that she’s going to be leaving this to spend time in the grottiness (weatherwise) that makes up the more Northern areas of the country.

Anyway, I can’t really get my head round much at the moment having been completely addled by the journey down here, so I do apologise.

On the whole things are going well with the flat and job and it’s nice to be settled. I’m trying to move most of my stuff out of the family home but I’m not sure that my little flat is going to be big enough to hold it all. We’ll have to see.

Anyway, I have to go and find things to pack…

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  1. Sorry to read you won’t be at the shipmeet today 🙁

    It looks a lovely day for a swim in the sea, as well…..

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