Right, it’s time to wake up.

My mum came to stay last week and it was no where near as bad as I had predicted. In fact I think we actually both had good times. She did spend a disproportionate amount of time *in* my flat waiting for things. We did lots of things in the evening like went to the theatre, went for a curry and went shopping. Seeing as my usual routine at the moment consists of:
get up
go to work
do work
come home
go to sleep
doing else came as something of a shock. The delays to the journey to the south west in the first place didn’t help.

(I’m so tired, it’s taking forever to write this)

I’m supposed to be chairing a group planning a conference, well not a conference – an EPKAC! Anyway, it is in February and I’m running approximately two to three months behind on the planning. I also discovered that there should have been someone taking over from me relatively soon but it’s been delayed so it may happen that I’ll still be chairing things come the event. I really must get stuff sorted in order for things to happen. On the positive side I’ve been talking to the relevant people but I need to be awake before I write letters to folk. Hopefully I’ll recover a bit over the weekend.

I saw Spiderman 2 last night and nearly fell asleep in the cinema, due to tiredness rather than the quality of the film. In one bit of the film Peter Parker is so tired that he’s always late for work and uni and he entirely forgets when his birthday is. I feel about that tired at the moment. D, who I went to the cinema with, remarked that I was flagging *a bit* by the end of the evening. Yep.

Other than work, I’m supposed to be sorting out the EPKAC, dealing with various problems around here and keep doing the things in my diary. This weekend is my only free weekend this month. I’m going to a wedding the weekend after. I’m so not going to remember cards and pressies and things. Oh well.

The weekend after that is Greenbelt. Greenbelt, hmmm…

Last time I went to Greenbelt I promised I’d never go again because I *hated* it. Last year I decided that I did want to go and couldn’t. One of the more minor reasons I hated GB was that I didn’t know anything about anything and didn’t really know anyone other than some people from uni.
This year I am going and I’m not going to face that problem at all. I’m involved with the SCM stall and will be on one of the panels in Student Space, I want to go and see some of the people from YLGC, I plan to join the other bloggers and I want to see some of the ship folk. This is along side the friends from all over the country who are going to be there, as are some of the people from the Convent (not nuns tho). This is even before any of the events that I may want to see.

I don’t think that GB is going to be a restful weekend so I’ll have to take some time off in September to recover. If anyone can make me a sensible schedule for the Greenbelt weekend, or recommend anything worth going to please let me know.

Changing the subject entirely, did anyone hear the Radio 4 programme on Rookie Reverends? It was very interesting. Hmmm…

I really should get some sleep.

Night all.