Spiritual Direction

I finally went to see someone about spiritual direction last night. I’ve been looking for a new spiritual director since I moved and it’s taken a little while to get sorted. I found it a very useful session and told the person in question what I felt was important without raising the subjects directly. It always helps.

What was a little embarrassing was that I think I wrote him a snotty email of complaint last summer for something that was out of his control. Oh well, I live and learn.

I also went to the cinema last night – saw Hellboy. I wanted to see Stage Beauty but missed it by 5 minutes. Hellboy isn’t too bad – it served the purpose. Having missed the film I wanted to see, I wanted to see something relatively mindless and I find a good superhero drama frequently hits the mark.

I’m still thinking about several of the things raised at Greenbelt and they still aren’t making too much sense yet.

Oh yes, in my madness I’ve joined the dating agency thread on the Ship.