Procrastinating again.

I’ve been accused a number of times of procrastinating too much. Nah, I don’t do that. Not me. Never.

Ok, well maybe sometimes.

A friend is coming round for a bite to eat and to watch a film on my laptop. She should be here in about an hour and the flat still looks like a bomb has hit it, I need to finish the washing up, start cooking and find the living room. I’m sure I’ll remember where I left it eventually.

Work is going much better now. I’m avoiding the woman who was annoying me, and she seems to be avoiding me too. I’m up to date on what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m only a few minutes behind now on my flex system. This is not a problem as I’m doing a 13 hour day on Thursday, and I only have to work 7 per day.

I have discovered that the week I’ve booked off work to go and do SCM things is the same week as some of the first meetings of this particular variety at work. Never mind, I’ll have to get someone else to go instead. Not sure my boss is overly impressed that I’m not taking a whole week off but it’s not up to her.

I also had an interesting meeting with someone from my uni days. It was very illuminating.