If you were a DVD… part 2

… and weren’t in the following places:
on the floor (not in any room, unless it’s under the furniture)
in any of the DVD cases
in any of the CD cases
in the CD folder
on my desk
on either table
in the DVD player (thanks Bec)
in the other computer (I don’t have a telly so watch DVDs through either of my computers)
in my paperwork…
… where would you be?

I’m going to go through the books to check I didn’t use it as a book mark in a fit of madness. It’s unlikely to be under the cushions as I don’t have any – but I haven’t checked under the throws yet. I’m going to check under my chest of drawers. It’s also not in the writing cupboard or in the drawer in my bedside table. Nor is it in the fridge (thanks Jan), or in my rucksack. I’m feeling somewhat confused as to quite where I can have lost it now.

On the positive side, I have discovered that it is possible to replace it without having to buy the whole set . If anyone is interested it’s The Beiderbecke Connection DVD (that’s in the set with the Beiderbecke Affair and Beiderbecke Tapes). I do know that if I buy a replacement I’ll find the first one.

At least my flat is being gutted and cleaned in the process of looking for this.

2 thoughts on “If you were a DVD… part 2

  1. That is, if they are not in their covers, on top of the dvd player in the lounge or at a friends house… who borrowed them without asking…

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