Oops 1 – it’s gone midnight again and I’m still awake.

Oops 2 – I’ve organised my Ann Summers Party for a night when I’m not going to be here. That somewhat defeats the object. I think I’ll have to rearrange. Never mind. At least I’ve remembered now. I’m assuming that the people I’m going to visit in Nottingham aren’t wanting such an event.

Oops 3 – I’ve sprained my ankle. In fact I did it at some point last weekend and didn’t notice. Seeing as it’s not got better I went to get advise on what to do and to check there was nothing seriously wrong. It’s weird though because only a small area is swollen and there is no bruising. I have a lovely support bandage to wear for the next week and it really doesn’t go well with my shoes or trousers. 😉 lol. It makes me laugh.

I found out today that another person I know has got engaged. I think Jack’s right when she says that there must be something in the water.