Blogging Madness

You’ll have to bare with me for a moment, but I’m getting a little confused as to who’s blog is who’s. Smudgie’s been blogging about me and Jack, Jack about Deeleea and me about Smudgie. Legally Blonde is commenting to me on Smudgie’s comments and it’s getting a little surreal. 😉 In a good way – of course.

Friends in a more general sense are really good though. I spent a long time catching up with a friend last night who’d been away for a while. He spent a lot of time laughing at me and the madness that I’m finding myself in until I move. It really is reassuring to know that I keep my friends entertained. LOL.

The madness kicks off a little more this week as I will have to be combining my new and old jobs for a little while. I am also triple booked next Saturday evening.

The weirdest thing of all is how much I’m genuinely enjoying all this.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Madness

  1. Never C and I aren’t "30 something" yet!! but apart from that, spot on. Glad you felt at home here.

    Jo, hope the madness continues to be enjoyable. Keep me posted about moving etc. Sorry I can’t be so much practical help this time!

  2. Um, I agree that this is getting very confusing. It appears that we have a community which has a number of 30 something females, single, with and without children, who primarily work within the public sector (health care or education)who have some kind of faith but don’t seem to neatly fit into churches, although a number of us are trying. Um and then there is the lodger thing and the Phd escape route thing going on in various peoples lives. Having said that in someways it’s no bad thing, it meant that when I joined this little community a few weeks ago I felt really at home and for once in my life really normal, which in itself is a little wierd.

  3. What’s even more confusing is that Tractor Girl appears to be a composite of me, deeleea and smudgie. It’s getting more and more complicated remembering whose blog I’m reading!

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