I popped in to my letting agency to check post and buy electric. While I was there one of the staff asked if I’d found a new flat yet as he has some people who want to move into my flat. He said not to rush me but the implication was the sooner the better.

He wanted to know how hunting is going. Bearing in mind I appeared in the middle of the afternoon, I’d guess that I’m ill, and if I’m ill I can’t house hunt in a city nearly 100 miles from where I currently live.

I’ve also had to accept the fact that I’m not well, so am not going to either w*rk. I did go into w*rk yesterday, but decided that was such a bad move I came straight home again.

On the positive side, it’s nice to be able to spend time watching films. I watched the three Baz Luhrmann films I own – in between being asleep.

Night all…

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