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I’ve been offline for about 3/4 days due to not really being in a fit state to work a computer – it requires brain power. In the meantime I discover that everyone has been writing, and lots. Added to the fact that I can’t remember how far I got before my brain went to mush, this doesn’t help. I do like reading blogs though and it’s nice to know what people are up to. I’ll try and catch up as soon as possible but thoughts are still taking a little while to process at the moment.

I can’t believe what’s *got* to happen in the next two weeks! Two weeks today I should be on my way back from Snowdonia with Ship Folk. In the mean time I need to return to work, finish work, hold an Ann Summers Party, visit a friend in another city, go to yet another city for the new job and spend almost a week doing that. Then I’m coming back here to rent the car and go to Wales. At the moment I’m still debating whether I’m well enough to go back to work yet.

When I went to church today everyone was making comments about how rough I sound. I’m also still having to prop walls and things up when I cough. Nice, but not particularly healthy. 😉

House hunting is seeming as promising as it can be bearing in mind what I’ve managed to do while being ill, and miles away.

Anyway, I’ve been up for at least two hours since my last nap. It must be nearly time for the next one. lol.

6 thoughts on “Blogs again

  1. I only know one ‘Bec’, so I’m guessing she’s the one you think she is. I’m going to be working with her soon.

  2. Believe it or not, I’d still rather be there than not. I’m sure it will be all the worse for me not being there but I’m sure you can tell me *all* about it, Bec. 😉

    I was vaguely contemplating driving over then thought, No. I’m. On. Holiday. (or something along those lines).

    I hope you enjoy it.

  3. I’m going to Snowdonia with people from the Ship. I won’t be able to come down and visit you on this occasion. 🙁 I’ll try and come see you both in the new year. I’m already double booked that weekend. It’s the strategic review meeting at work.

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