The real reason I popped by…

I popped by today, having taken a little break, to find out how people are getting on, because Ian commented that I hadn’t been around and because two things have inspired me to write again.

Firstly and most importantly, my grandfather has been taken to hospital this evening and I’m really worried about him. He’s neither as young or healthy as he was and there is the possibility that he could have had a stroke. It’s a long way home – 3 hours on the train or nearly 5 on the bus, and therefore isn’t cheap but really that is the last of my priorities at the moment. If I need to go home I most certainly will. I’ve been waiting by the phone for news since Mum called to tell me this was happening and that was almost 4 hours ago. Still nothing. I really hope he pulls through.

Before all that happened I was planning to stop by and tell you a little about something I spent the day exploring. I went to a most interesting event about HIV/AIDS and the church. It was a really challenging and thought provoking day which has inspired me in very many ways. It is also something that worryingly few western churches campaign about or work with. Once I’ve got my thoughts more in order and clarified what’s happening re Grandad I’ll write more about it. It’s certainly an area that each of us should explore further.

Regarding swimming – I’ve been about 10 times this month but am currently in something of a quiet patch having been travelling more. This means that I’ve not had access to the pool. 🙁 Anyway I’ll keep trying.

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  1. Thanks for those comments. I’m about to update a little more of what’s going on but the prayers are certainly appreciated.


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