Life and Harry Potter

It’s been an interesting week. I started it with my family and it was really good to see my grandfather again. When I left them all was looking interesting – they’d found a place to move to (and were willing to do it), grandad was improving and everything was looking good. Yesterday I phoned up to find out how they all were and things have changed. The bungalow they wanted to move to is sold, and they’re not sure they would have managed it after all. Grandad was allowed to visit home on Friday to see how he copes with stairs. Apparently he passed the test so they want to discharge him on Tuesday. He’s not even been allowed out of the ward without supervision until now so I don’t understand where this has suddenly come from. Nanny would be really struggling to look after him at the moment and she doesn’t think the house is suitable for him in his current state. Yesterday, however, he had something of a relapse. He fell a couple of times. Mum and nanny also decided to tell him just how ill he had been in a way he could understand. At the point he was told he agreed that he’s got to be entirely honest with the nurses and not just look for the quickest escape. He’s been trying to leave since he’s been aware that he’s in the hospital. I don’t know whether this means that he’ll still be discharged but I hope that he isn’t. He’s just not ready for it yet!

I have since got home and decided that I would wait for Harry Potter – don’t worry, I’m not going to discuss the plot. Yet.
I ordered it on Thursday and that was the first time I started getting excited. I then collected it on Friday night. I’m not sure it was a cunning plan in terms with the financial cost and having to wait with a bunch of people in costume (I hid in the corner) but being able to have finished the book by yesterday lunchtime was worth it. While I was waiting for the book I saw Madagascar and War of the Worlds – neither of which were great. I do now need to go through and read them again in order. I will have to listen to the second book rather than read it, though, as I gave away my copy while I was at uni. I am very intrigued to know how everything is going to tie back in together though.

I’ll talk about the plot another day.

WISE – I’ve now bought everything I needed to, except an envelope, but I have failed to get it in the post today. I’m sorry and I hope my WISE person will forgive me. I suppose I should give another clue. I’m not sure what though. Anyway, It’ll be in the post tomorrow.

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  1. I’m greatly enjoying reading HP: three chapters left!

    Continued prayers for your grandad and your family. God bless.

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