After Greenbelt

Oops. I archived this the first time.

Greenbelt was brilliant. I definitely went to more things last year but this year was just a lovely opportunity to meet with people. I saw Dave almost everywhere I went and got a copy of his cartoon booklet from the Church Times Stall which was very near the SCM stall. We had our new publicity on display which was sooooo cool. It’s a whole series of really sweet cartoon characters and it’s the first time they’ve been on display. People definitely seemed to like them although we did get a lot of questions about what a whovian is, as one of the pictures is of a whovian. It entertained me when Sophs’ dalek was onsite. A whovian is a Dr Who fanatic, just as a trekkie is a Star Trek fanatic. It was good to see Sophs again.

I only managed to go to the sessions I was involved in running, and I didn’t make it to the wibmeet. I really wanted to meet Fishsoup and Dave K, I think, the only wibloggers who I hadn’t met before and didn’t meet during the weekend. I particularly wanted to meet Fishsoup as she had been my WISEe. I also haven’t met the non-wibsite bloggers who were on the Greenbelt thread. I saw lots of Tractor Girl (sometimes accompanied by Third Party), Jack working hard, Alice and Benjamin, Sarah, Excited Rainbow Girl (who was definitely excited and Rainbowed), Carrie Bradshaw and Tall Girl and Mr Tall Girl. I also think I met Jacqui but in an entirely different hat on so got confused. It doesn’t take a lot.

I think that my sessions went well but it’s always hard to judge when you’re leading them. We packed the speakers section of the Christian Aid tent on Saturday which was brilliant. I really think that the workshop which looked at the Jewish Oral law tradition is facinating and it was really good to see all sorts of people engaging with it.

I still haven’t removed by wrist band yet. I just got used to it being there. I must remember to do it otherwise I’ll forget for ages. 😉

Oh, and a message for Smudgie – I’m going to meet with the Superintendent two weeks today but I’ve never met him before so there is a lot to discuss and probably a long way to go before anything happens. Don’t you just love cryptic comments on blogs. BTW, Smudgie, did the post cards from Mum arrive?

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  1. Thank you for saying I was excited and rainbowed – I was informed by another wiblogger that I didn’t seem excited enough to be ERG!

  2. I wanted to meet you too! I have been using the lovely contacts book you sent me all greenbelt – it’s been v useful for all sorts of notes.

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