Meme from Deelea and Legally Blonde

Jo needs his head read (really – no wonder I was having problems)
Jo needs vendors
Jo needs 2b funky (you mean I’m not?)
Jo needs your help (always…)
Jo needs someone to watch him dance (him again)
Jo needs a loving family (I thought mine was okay but…)
Jo needs a 17″ Powerbook (If you’re offering I wouldn’t say no!)
Jo needs to be brought back (from where)
Jo needs to get ready to photograph in Haiti (I’m sure I can get ready for that)
Jo needs to present a coat of arms
and finally, the most appropriate:
Jo needs to update her page.

Apparently ‘Never Conforming’ doesn’t need anything.

For more information on what I’ve done for this meme, visit Deelea’s Blog.

BTW, my flight has been booked for my trip to Jerusalem. I still can’t believe it’s happening but I’ll make sure to tell you all about it when I get back.