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Ten years ago
I had just gone into the third year of Secondary School. I was hanging out with Jo, Gemma and Debbie, and we were pretty inseparable. We were worrying about normal school things, sniggering about boys(!), worrying about GCSE choices and generally being worry-free teenagers.

Five years ago
I’d been selling cars since January and was in my second job which was just fantastic. I really enjoyed working in the dealership but was beginning to think about where I wanted to go next. I had no specific plans for the future. Within the next month I’d decide that I wanted to go to university and set about applying. Not the easiest thing to do in 3 weeks from having not considered it at all.

One year ago
A year ago I had just been interviewed for the job with SCM and was stewing about the results. In fact I discovered that I was being offered the job a month today, as in October 30. I had been working in Manchester in a job that really wasn’t working out and it had taken me months to decide that I was going to apply for the SCM job. I was staying with the nuns a year ago, so I could apply for the job. I found out that I got the job on the 30th, then the madness started. Having only moved to Manchester in July, I then found I had to move back and I started work within the month. It was brilliant and scary at the same time.

Five yummy things
Jenn and Zac’s cooking (I’m staying with them this weekend), a good meal with friends (pretty much regardless of the content), Spinach and Paneer curry, home-made chocolate brownies and (atm) Chai.

Five songs I know by heart
I only tend to know songs when I’m singing along, like Blonde. I guess I know things like
Dancing Queen – it’s played everywhere from cheese nights to work. It’s great.
El Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Come What May – also from Moulin Rouge. Well, I probably know the whole soundtrack quite well. It was an important part of my time at university.
Bohemian Rapsody – just the number of places and occasions we’ve ended up singing it!
Feeling Good – Nina Simone or Muse

Five things I would do with a lot of money
Pay of my (student) debts, invest/save some, give some to charity, get an extension for my mum’s house and give myself an allowance so I don’t have to struggle financially. Boring but true. If you wish to give me lots of money, it would be gratefully received.

Five places I would escape to
Yosemite National Park in California, Dartmoor, a secluded beach, a good friend’s house or the convent (even though that is the house of a number of good friends).

Five things I would never wear
A mission T-Shirt/sweatshirt type thing for an organisation I don’t agree with, Shoes that don’t fit, Nike, Gap, excessive amounts of gold jewellery.

Five favourite TV shows
I don’t have a telly, so I’m a bit behind the times but…
Dead Ringers, Have I got News for You, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Beiderbecke Connection, (I’ll come back to the last one)

Five things I enjoy doing
Hitting a deadline before schedule, getting involved in work that really interests me (i.e. most of it professionally), spending time with friends, watching films and at the moment I’m enjoying knitting.

Favourite toys
My collection of bears, the playdough stuff given to me anonymously by Pants, my computer (how sad am i?). Can’t think what else. I like toys though.

Five people who get this
Jenn (not ERG), Smudgie, Arti, Pants, Ian.

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