Nice things

I’ve been on holiday from w*rk this week. Normally when I’m on holiday I can’t forget about w*rk and end up thinking about it all week no matter how hard I try. This week has been different though. I went down to Devon to see the tar barrels (see below) and they were great but I was still really sad and was in bed by 23.30 despite the last barrel not being run until midnight. My sister said it was mad as the square (town centre) was so full. She almost got squashed by the barrel and that’s not normal – even by tar barrel standards.

On the Sunday we just took it easy but it was nice to spend time with mum and my sister, well, mostly. On Monday my grandparents moved into mum’s house at the start of a 2-3 week stay. They’re having a new bathroom fitted as grandad is not mobile enough to cope with the current one. Also the old one is a fairly unique shade of vivid but not pleasant pink. It’ll be great when it’s done. Mum wasn’t well enough to go to school that day so all five of us got to spend some time together then we had a bonfire in the evening, complete with sparklers. It was really nice.

On Tuesday I spent the day with nandad and made them lunch which was something of a shock. I was supposed to come home that day but, for the first time in my memory, I decided that I’d had such a nice time that I stayed another night. On the whole, it was a really lovely time.

Wednesday was cool too – despite getting up at an unearthly hour of the morning. I met up with a couple of friends for lunch, did a little shopping then came home and did some painting. Okay, that makes it sound more exciting than it really was. I painted some canvasses in solid colours. There’s really nothing special about them other than that I painted them the colours they are now. I’ve not really painted in about 10 years so that was a surprise too. I’m also trying to extend my knitting repertoire as I can only do stocking stitch which makes me feel really crafty. Also something rather unusual.

All in all it’s been a really nice week with some lovely lie-ins, great opportunities to catch up with friends (it was also a friend’s birthday party tonight) and get to know some of them better, to do some crafts and generally chill out. It’s been really quite a good week.

Could do with more time though. I always say that I’ll sort my flat out during my holidays and never do.