Flat stuff again and smiles

Today I feel just great.

Okay, I’ll do the negative stuff first – I still haven’t finished sorting out my flat or even managed to email the agency. Oops. I need to make some progress today as some people have invited themselves round on Tuesday. *exasperated* I’ll get there but currently I’m procrastinating.

Today is such a lovely day. It’s the kind of weather I like – cold and sunny, but not too cold. There’s blue sky and not much wind. It’s lovely. I was involved with a service this morning and I thought it went really well (considering). We’d been planning it over the phone as both of us were far to busy to actually meet until this morning. Oops. 😉 There were also very few people there but it was such a great atmosphere.
It’s the first service I’ve done where it’s actually involved what I think in the planning for the whole service rather than just the bits I’ve been allocated or chosen. It was true team-work and was great. I came out of the service really buzzing despite still feeling anxious at midnight having not finished writing the prayers.

I’ve also had the opportunity to catch up on a good number of blogs this morning so I can see what people have been up to (or not). That was nice, then I went for a wander to a new pub for lunch (my reward for doing services). It was brilliant just having the opportunity to wander around, have a nice lunch and start contemplating two of my next three services. As a friend said, it’s amazing how productive procrastination can be.

Now for decisions, do I carry on knitting said friend her scarf, or carry on planning services, or tidy up, or have an afternoon nap? Maybe I’ll let you know later? Who knows?

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