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Seven things to do: 1) Visit the CAB, 2) clean flat, 3) read loads, 4) write movement review, 5) go to bed, 6)start packing, 7) sue the landlord 😀

Seven things I can’t do: 1) Ski, 2) budget properly, 3) DIY, 4) kill my landlord, 5) stand on my head, 6) straighten my hair, 7) watch tv at home (don’t have one)

Seven things that attract me to my mate: working on future plan…
1) good sense of humour, 2) understanding, 3) nice smile, 4) the magical X factor, 5) tolerant of my wackiness, 6) nice eyes, 7) (from Alice) Gives good hugs

Seven books I love: 1) John Hull, In the Beginning There Was Darkness, 2) J K Rowling, Harry Potter and … (first 4 – is that cheating?), 3) Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials (all three – cheating again?), 4) Alan Garner, Weirdstone of Brisingamen, 5) Jill Murphy, Five Minutes Peace, 6) Jo Ind, Memories of Bliss, 7) Jonny Baker and Doug Gay, Alternative Worship

Seven things I say: 1) ‘erm…’ 2) ‘like’ 3) scum 4) meth 5) **** 6) ‘hmmm’ 7) (at the moment) boundaries

Seven movies I’ve loved: 1) Amelie, 2) Spirited Away, 3) Moulin Rouge, 4) Good Night, and Good Luck, 5) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (if you have my copy, can I have it back please… I’ve forgotten), 6) Strictly Ballroom, 7) Pirates of the Carribean

Seven people to tag: I’m not really sure there is anyone left. 🙁