All sorted then?

Well, I signed for the flat. The references from the previous agency had arrived and there seemed to be no problems. Woohoo. I’ll get the keys in about a fortnight then will do the move gradually over the next month until I have to be out of the old flat. Now all I have to do is the move! I’ve found storage space for the things I don’t need at the new flat and can work out what to do with them over the summer. I’ve arranged to get my hands on some packing boxes and have already packed up the books and things. Still lots to do and many people to tell.

I’ve invited a few friends to a housewarming party before I’ve even managed the move. This is to be the incentive to make me move and have everything unpacked before it happens. I’ve lived here for nearly 18 months and still haven’t done house warming! Says it all really. Anway, I guess I should stop procrastinating and work out what I’m going to do with the rest of my day!

4 thoughts on “All sorted then?

  1. Congrats on your new home. The ad looks nice and hopefully you shouldn’t have the problems you had with the previous one!!!!

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