Moving update

I’ve moved most of my the stuff over from the old place to the new one and have started unpacking. I have scheduled house warming for this Thursday to make sure there is a sufficient amount of stuff unpacked by then. If you’re in the midlands on Thursday evening, feel free to pop by. If you want to know more, comment and let me know how to get in touch with you…

It’s really such a lovely place and I’m really enjoying living here. Even if I am still in the middle of washing and cleaning *everything* from the old flat. It does make it harder to go back to the old one though. I have to hand back the keys in the next week and a half. By then it needs to be immaculate. If anyone knows how to get mould stains off the paint work, I’d love to hear. I can’t get the marks off! Also, ways of hiding the woodlice or at least making the flat seem less desirable for them. Mum keeps reminding me how much the deposit is at every available opportunity. Hopefully I’ll get it all finished off tomorrow as I have quite a busy week (Tuesday evening – worship prep for Sunday, Wednesday evening – local preachers meeting, Thursday evening – Housewarming). I *may* have booked the handover appointment for Friday morning but I’m not entirely sure. I need to check. If I have, I will try and move it to Tuesday as that works so much better.

My local preacher training is progressing too. I delivered my first sermon this morning and I will post it in the next post. Feel free to ignore it if you don’t want to read it all, or comment accordingly. I still have much to learn but I don’t think it was bad going for a first one. The Local Preachers Meeting on Wednesday will be my second and it will be interesting to see what happens.

At least there is a long weekend coming up and hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it and feel settled when it comes around. Woohoo.