What to tell you about…

I have this dilemma frequently. I want to tell you all about… but I can’t! I want to tell you this fascinating information about my friends… but I can’t. I want to tell you about things that make my head spin… but I can’t. i want to tell you about this really exciting work project that’s nearly finished… but I can’t… yet. It’s very annoying at times but there are worse things in life. I know it’s always annoying to read that people can’t tell you what’s going on but unfortunately it comes with having (mostly) given up my anonymity. There are too many people who know who I am. I’m also convinced that I’m not the only wiblogger in a similar situation.

What has been nice is I’ve been catching up with a number of friends – mostly by messenger but also by phone too. It’s been good to hear from Legally Blonde, ERG and Rambling Folkie to name but a few. I was very sad to miss Alice’s do but couldn’t make it. That’s life.

Life has been interesting and busy lately with weekends away with work – but other wibloggers have already talked about it so that gets me out of that. 🙂 I’ve been involved in leading worship lots and have now got a trial service arranged for the weekend before Greenbelt. Jen is going to stay with me that weekend which is great and a little scary at the same time. NC in the pulpit is a little different to NC at work or NC at home. Not in a conscious way but still… it feels very different. It will be great to have her to stay.

Since moving here, I’ve had more people staying over than I did in about the last 6 months in the abomination. It’s such a lovely flat and I’m delighted I managed to convince myself to get wireless broadband – oh, the luxury! Anyway, I’ll eventually get round to taking photos of it… One of the added delights is I have a sofa now. I’ve technically owned it for about a year and a half but it only moved into this new flat when I did. Saying that, I’m also enjoying having carpet again – even if there are blue dust bunnies everywhere. We have come up with various ways of catching the things including running across the floor with masking tape on our feet (not just me, you’ll note – and no fellow wibloggers for that matter) but that doesn’t work. Neither does hoovering them all up… Anyway – carpet is a fantastic invention. 😀

I’ve been knitting to celebrate my house move too. I’m trying to knit a selection of cushion covers but keep getting distracted. By almost anything – currently it’s being ill.

All in all things are good but variously make my head spin in good and bad ways. If I wanted you to not pay attention too much to what I write, now is the time to look away… It’s all boring stuff…. Honest…
I’ve misplaced my wallet or had it nicked (in morrisons). Grrrr. Lots of confusion and upheaval. The other minor thing I might mention is that a couple of months back I went to talk to my minister about vocations and stuff. That’s definitely minor and nothing to be thought of seriously. Hmmm… Was that a good plan? I doubt it.

Anyway… I need sleep. Should go now. Will try and find more things it’s okay to talk about soon.

2 thoughts on “What to tell you about…

  1. I’m looking forward to staying too. And i’ll try not to fall asleep in your trial service! 😉

    Thanks for everything over the past few days. Even the nagging. Hugs, x.

  2. Prayers: hope you’re over the illness soon.

    And wonderful to hear you’re settling in to your new place well.

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