Flat, Service and more general update

First of all, I would like to apologise to Tiffer. Ages ago he offered to help when I moved house and I would just like to thank him for his offer, tell him that I didn’t forget and was very delighted by the offer. In the end I hired people to do it all for me and was most grateful for this. Eventually I WILL get round to unpacking.

Now my head is slightly clearer than it has been, I would like to describe my flat a little more as I’m most delighted by it. Still. It’s a one bedroom flat and everything appears to have been rebuilt before I moved in. It certainly was redecorated and all fitted out (well, with what it came with) before I saw it. It has a large and long corridor, which one of my friends assured me is designed for keeping bookshelves in. With books. As I don’t quite have anywhere near enough books, I’ll settle for keeping them in the living room. The living room, I believe, is bigger than the living room and study combined from the abomination. It’s possibly almost as big as my whole Manchester flat! it fits all my furniture in with tonnes of space left over. I need to get round to acquiring things like a coffee table. I never realised I needed one before – I never had space or inclination. Arti’s table has pride of place in one corner and I’m still grateful for it, almost two years ago after she kindly gave it to me. I’ve also acquired a sofabed. I’ve heard rumours that it’s not that comfortable but the only person I know to have slept on it came back for a second go so it can’t be that bad! It’s great to have a sofa and it makes the place feel more homely. All I need now is one that is big enough for me to sit on the wrong way round. My legs are too long to fit on it atm, let alone allow me to curl up on it. The living room over looks the local Anglican church – and as views of the High Street go, couldn’t be better. It also has a high ceiling which makes the room feel all the bigger. Attached to the living room is the kitchen, in open plan styley. It is fitted with things like the washing machine and fridge hidden behind normal looking doors. It’s all brand new, properly sealed, and has a nice vinyl floor (better than stone) as well as built in cooker and more storage space than you could shake a stick at! It seems the complete opposite of the kitchen in the abomination and I’m actually more than willing to spend time in it and cook. This is something that I’m gradually remembering how to do.
The bathroom, like everything else in the flat is brand new. It doesn’t have a shower but it’s not a problem. It even has a heated towel rail and a fan heater for when it gets cold!
This is how sad I am – I’m even delighted by the airing cupboard. It has switches for the water so I can not spend so much on heating. It is carpeted so it keeps things nice and it’s not full of spiders and ick!
The bedroom is plenty big enough too and comes with a skylight and fitted wardrobes. The wardrobes are big enough to hide a multitude of sins – for which I’m very grateful. They even fit spare beds in! The skylight is taking a little getting used to, as I wake up with the sunlight now. Being woken by 5ish is not brilliant but something that I’m sure I’ll acclimatise to.
All in all the flat is still lovely and fantastic and brilliant and marvelous.

The service…
I know that at least a couple of people might be interested in knowing how it went. In the end it went fine and I was at peace with it. It’s about the calmest I’ve been for weeks, having completed it. I find it much easier to write/compile worship on my own than by committee. It was a bit mad not having more of it sorted by yesterday and I went to bed at 3.30 and got up at 6.30 to finish it. Seeing as it was about trust, it was an interesting exercise for me. :S It was also interesting because two of the people whose opinions I often ask were out of the country so I couldn’t ask. I think that was probably a good thing but it was still a little daunting.
The weird thing about doing a service ‘on my own’ yet still having a mentor present is that by choice I would delegate aspects of it if I could, but apparently I couldn’t. Maybe that’s because I don’t want to talk at people for an hour! I’d get sick of my voice if I was them, but I got complemented on my voice. Not sure if that means the content was bad but I sounded nice or not 😉 My mentor says he’ll email feedback through after he’s gone and asked people but those who did come and say anything said nice stuff. It was an interesting service though because, amongst other things, it included a silent meditation. Not normal fodder for all age worship but it still seemed to work. Anyway, a friend is coming and we’re going out for lunch. I need to find some knitting needles first so I’d better go but thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I’ll update again soon.

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  1. Glad it went well, but (wo)man cannot live on 3 hours sleep alone. Hope you manage some decent rest after a good lunch.

  2. AS TG said, hope you got some rest. Great to hear it went well.

    And great to hear of your new place: sounds wonderful!

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