Finding a little Joy

A silly story for you.

Once upon a time, I was planning worship and decided that it would be really nice to finish with ‘You shall go out with joy‘ which led to a little merriment amongst some of my friends, and some not entirely serious singing. This started a little joke about Joy.

Several months after, I was chatting to one of these friends and she said she’d found the service sheets and was remembering the jokes. Thus, the joy jokes were confirmed. We were now searching for Joy.

Some time later, I was planning worship (spot a pattern here…) and I was going through the hymnbook. For all sorts of reasons I was having terrible problems with it. I have to confess that my brain is, on occasion, to be found in the gutter and as I was reading through I ended up thinking about hymns in ways I’m sure weren’t intended. :angelic: It wasn’t intentional, honest. Anyway, I confessed to several of my friends, now in on the joke, that I’d found more ‘interesting’ songs, especially about joy. One weekend we all got together, added alcohol to the mix and the joke, by this time, was running along quite nicely.

From time to time we (different members of the group) joke about joy but we had yet to find her. Until this morning…
I went to church, as normal (or as normal as it ever is). My mentor and I were jointly doing the service and it was in a quiet time so I was merrily reading away when I noticed something a little strange. The sheet said all the usual information… X church, service times etc… then it added…
10.45am… Mr LP Mentor and Miss Joy Conforming (on note).
I have joked that being a Jo, I’m the closest to Joy out of the lot of us but seeing someone print it on a piece of paper was hilarious. It’s really quite funny (and very bad) being sat in a service splitting with laughter on the inside and needing to keep quiet about it. I decided not to tell anyone at the time but it did warrant a few phone calls when I got home. I’d found Joy in church! I’m led to believe it’s caused a little laughter in other parts of the country today too, and all we need to do is find a real Joy not a pretend one.

All we need once we’ve done that is to pair her up with a friend…

4 thoughts on “Finding a little Joy

  1. Tee hee 🙂

    I’m never going to be able to sing that song (or some of the others) again without laughing…

  2. You know the problems I have. So many problems but just one hymnbook really. It’s certainly a special one!


  3. I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere that there was a Scripture Union camp with a leader called Joy, and they sang that chorus …

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