Holiday Reports

Woo and yay. I’m currently on holiday. Having decided that I wanted to get away, I called on some Swansea friends to see if they were willing to put up this poor, tired, resident of Birmingham who had a hankering to see the sea and catch up with some friends. They willingly took me in so I arrived here on Tuesday night after a day in the convent and it has been great to see them all here.

Yesterday all three of them, one of me and toddler blonde went off exploring Gower and Mumbles. We ended up playing with kites on the beach. I only flew one but thought it was the best sized one…
Jen’s was much, much bigger. Toddler Blonde seemed to really enjoy the trip to the beach and managed to walk for miles and miles. It was really great to see the sea again and even get to go paddling. As is usually the case when I go anywhere near a beach in my flipflops I hurt my foot. Typical but have taken the advice of my elders and betters so soaked it to make it better. Poor foot. Eh well – I have to get my souvenirs somewhere.

It’s really been lovely to spend time with Toddler Blonde. Last time I saw him was at Greenbelt and that wasn’t for very long. Before that I last saw him when he was about three months old. Now he burbles away to himself and is a complete charmer. I decided to pinch his hat for a while on the beach and he came to get it back.

Fortunately it fits him a little better than it fits me.
To give the little star a chance for a nap in the car, we went for a drive round Gower to show me the sites and allow the boy to rest. We stopped on the top of Cefn Bryn and indudged our love of beautiful countryside and group hugs. It really was lovely.
After that we stopped just in Mumbles for some luxury hot chocolate and a wander along the prom. As we left the cafe, I heard what really must be the quote of the day:
“No, boy. Don’t chase after the girls. You’ll never have a car that long.”
The little chap seemed both interested in the limo and the teenage girls who poured out of the door.

All in all – it was a really excellent day, rounded off nicely by girly gossip and a glass of wine. It’s been such a lovely time so far. Tonight we’re going to have a slightly larger get together and all I need to do before then is write my church service for Sunday. 😉 I’ll get there by then.

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