Holiday reports again…

Yesterday was the second full day of my holiday in Swansea. We had much more of an informal day as the grown ups had responsibilities like work to do. I spent the day on my own and embraced chilling out. At the end of the long hard day of nothing, the others returned and Sarah cooked for a gaggle of us. This, slightly larger, group enjoyed supper, a fair amount of icecream and a glass bottle or two four of wine.

I performed a little favour and fixed a broken dress. It was a little entertaining to be trying to fix a pale and delicate dress after drinking much red wine and having more in the glass. I’m not daft enough to try mixing both completely and the dress ended up much better for it’s little surgery. It also meant I could enjoy a little wine without worrying. And I certainly enjoyed a little wine. 😉

Speaking of surgery – it’s amazing what happens during an evening with friends. Having mentioned in yesterdays post that I hurt my foot, I ended up having it assessed, prodded and poked by a more than able friend. It certainly feels better for the erm… examination.

It was a really lovely evening and it finished rather early this morning. It is so lovely to spend time with such a great group of friends and a wonderful last evening of my visit.

I have to go and pack my stuff now as I’m due on a train in an hour. It has been a really good trip and I hope to be able to catch up with folk again soon.

2 thoughts on “Holiday reports again…

  1. Sounds, and looks [great photos!], like a wonderful time was had. Holidays are lovely things. I wish I were still on mine. 🙂

  2. Yay for wine and ice cream and friends and wine and chatting and fixing feet and laughter and wine and setting the world to rights in the early hours of the morning.

    Did I mention the wine?!

    Lovely to have you, come back soon!

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