Who’s been stealing my post?

This is most certainly not an accusation at any of my readers. Unfortunately as my mailbox has been broken into it is something I need to ask.

Also I need to ask what might have been in my mailbox? If that includes something to make me a little WISEr, please could you let me know somehow (possibly via Deeleea if she’s okay with this). Also if you would like an alternative address I can certainly provide one of them.

Hey ho. I’m off to see the police to see what they can/will do.

5 thoughts on “Who’s been stealing my post?

  1. Uh Oh… haven’t heard from anyone that your package has or hasn’t been sent…

    Will follow up…

  2. You’re in luck – I haven’t sent your package yet! Finally, slacking off has an upside.
    (I’ll send it later this week.)

  3. I sent your secret package early this week, so hopefully you won’t suffer any more mail thievery. And even more hopefully you’ll like the book!

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