5 thoughts on “Look what I made…

  1. Fantastic! Handknitted socks are one of my luxuries. Easy to knit, not all that much money for the bliss of wearing them and a good portable project too. What’s the wool? It doesn’t look like Opal. probablysomething I can’t get down here. Sirdar Town and country is beautiful and you should be able to get that.

  2. Jan – the yarn is Regia Stretch. I’m not sure whether you can get it where you are but it might be worth looking around for it. There are a whole bunch of really lovely Regia yarns and I have a good friend to thank for this set, and the needles.

    No, Smudgie. The excuse still holds. As Jen and Sarah spent the weekend reminding me, you need to have two socks!


  3. Way cool. My mum knitted me a glove once. She’d already done a pair each for my brothers and was bored. So I only ever got one.

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