About a month back, I surprised the Mrs by announcing we were going on holiday, if she could get the time off.  It was agreed that I wouldn’t tell her the destination so it became known as ‘Blackpool’, following the suggestion that it really wasn’t necessarily the best holiday destination in the world.

The real destination was known by many friends (and my family) but we had lots of joking about the forthcoming trip.  On a recent visit to see Rambling Folkie and boy, there was much confusion when the boy decided to ask RF about her trip to ‘Blackpool’ who got very confused as she couldn’t think of a visit to the Lancashire town.  It was further compounded when I started talking about the Blackpool Tower…  The first one being in Blackpool, the second one being somewhere a little different.

Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower
Petrin Tower
Petrin Tower

Following our return, I got an email from a friend asking how our stay in Blackpool on Vltava was, and I decided it was a good name for the place.

So, a little about our trip…

It was a really lovely week.  It was great to have the time to explore a new city, and we were ideally located for it.  Right in the heart of the city centre, we had ample opportunity to go round exploring on foot.  We explored the old Jewish town, went in search of random architecture, saw the famous clock chime and drunk Grog.  We also went to the opera, which was a rather enjoyable experience.  The setting was magnificent, in a beautiful building and the opera itself was no less impressive.

So, with castles seen, beer drunk and a fair few miles underfoot we returned to the UK and came back to work with a reluctant clunk this morning.

All in all it was a highly enjoyable trip and, if you’re unlucky enough, you’ll get photos inflicted on you soon.  Now I’ve rediscovered how to use flickr!

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