Moving forwards

Since Grandad died we had as marvelous a celebration as we could for ‘christmas’ yesterday.  We raised our glasses to him and watched ‘Strictly Ballroom’, one of his favourite films.

The next series of activities, decisions and paperwork is now becoming apparent.  The Coroner has confirmed cause of death, the undertaker has been appointed, the executors discovered and the service of thanksgiving is being considered.  The last of those, perhaps mostly by me.  I have agreed to lead the service – my first funeral, and I hope the challenge will not be too great for me.  I’m pleased that my boss has already been some help in providing me with guidance on what I need to do, and what needs to be discovered.

The meeting with the undertaker will be tomorrow, and I don’t envy him dealing with 6 emotional adults but am also grateful that the 6 of us will all be here.

The next few days and weeks are likely to be a whirlwind – particularly as I currently still intend to be back at work for christmas, preach on Sunday at workchurch and head further north for new year.  Of course my priority is and remains with the family but it will be nice to have some me time too as well as some time with the Mrs.

Whatever comes next, there are a good number of us here to share it.