Still Not Having a Heart Attack

On Wednesday morning very, very early, I woke up with a rather bad pain in my shoulder.  It’s still there and is the reason for a rather interesting week.

After a few hours, and knowing the doctors surgery was open I arranged to go and see an expert.  As all the doctors were all busy I went to see a lovely nurse who did all the tests she could, arranged for a doctors appointment for later in the day.  Then she asked if I had pain in my chest – I had pain in all of my upper left side so the answer was yes.  Then the fun started.

During the ECG the fire alarm went off, so the nurse, healthcare assistant and myself were trying to work out whether we needed to evacuate.  Fortunately we didn’t and I managed to get seen by the doctor during this quiet time.  It turns out that I hadn’t had a heart attack (part 1).  Some blood tests were requested, and after about an hour I left the clinic with no less blood than I’d arrived with and only the knowledge that I didn’t have a heart attack.

The following day, still being in pain and still needing to have bloods taken I went back.  We established that I still had pathetic veins but I still got no more information and was advised to try the hospital on Monday.

On Friday one of my congregation took her physiotherapist hands to my shoulder and made it better for a while, but it didn’t last.  It turns out that my shoulder is not capable of sitting through The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  It worked out that the weekend, a time hoped to be highly enjoyable and relaxing, was rather focussed around my shoulder.  Eh well.

On Monday I went to the hospital for the blood tests (I do have blood after all).  After the tests I went to A & E.  Once again I was checked out for heart attacks (still not had one).  After a couple of hours it was finally decided that I have a frozen shoulder, I was given some appropriate medication and sent home.  Yay, I thought.  While the problem could last for months it was an answer.

So, after taking the tablets (and thus being able to go back to work) I thought I’d keep going like this, and go to the doctors next week if the problem was still there – as per instructions.  Life carrys on, I thought.

So this evening, the phone goes and it’s the GP.  He wants me to go into the doctors tomorrow for an ECG… *sigh* I still don’t think I’m having a heart attack.

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