Breaking with Tradition

Last weekend was a momentous occasion… it was the SCM conference.  That’s not the momentous bit… I didn’t go!  For the first time in a very long time (7 years) I didn’t go and it was great.

I understand the conference was great but so was my weekend.  I took the opportunity to get a change of scenery and trekked up to West Yorkshire to catch up with a uni friend, on half term.

My friend and I embraced our shared passions for different forms of crafting and headed off to a rather wonderful centre of inspiration, which either of us only ever go to when together.  On this occasion her husband was left at home so he didn’t have to have the joys of paper, glitter, fabric and yarn inflicted on him again.  We both had a really lovely time and if you’re ever in the Skipton area (and into crafting) it’s well worth a visit.

The two of us had great fun.  She’s all set for making her wedding scrapbook and I’m on a card making mission.  After this we headed back home and made the most of celebrating her baking skills.  Half term had allowed her, and a former colleague, to reunite for a baking day.  My friend, a rather excellent cook, had managed to create a pile of Mocha Cake, Cherry Bakewell Cake and Rocky Road.  So much for my diet, but it was worth it.

On the Sunday morning I set off bright and early (for half term… 11ish) to head back in time to meet the SCMers as they returned through my local station.

They returned looking inspired yet tired from a good weekend.  From all accounts it was a great event but not one I felt I missed, save for the company.  I was a nice change of form to do something completely different during conference weekend, a time in the calendar which was so much a part of my life for a long time.

My biggest challenge arising from it is to now make the time and effort to catch up and visit all the friends I would have spent time with at the conference but didn’t… Diaries to the ready…