Noteworthy Good Service

Despite my frequent gripes about train travel we are incredibly fortunate to have two very, very good teashops – one at each of the local stations and they do make life considerably more tolerable… so much so in fact I’d like to share my great joy from todays experience.

On returning to the larger of my local stations, I grabbed a drink from the aforementioned place.  As part of my ‘health kick’ I’m often opting for soy milk in drinks rather than dairy.  This is a regular occurance but today was the first time it was met with the following response.  After expressing my desire for chocolate on my drink, the assistant asked me whether I had a dairy allergy before adding it to my drink.  I was really impressed at her courtesy and awareness.

The other notably excellent tea shop can be found at the other central station, in fact just across the road from where I work.  They are mostly notable for selling rather excellent tea, called Teapigs.  I would very highly recommend the tea, and the pigs are a very good fun way to get a wonderful brew.

Horray for good tea shops which make the journeys tolerable.

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