A Knitting Disaster

As mentioned in my last blog post, I’m notoriously bad at finishing knitting but as part of my lenten discipline of doing something unrelated to work for half an hour (at least) each day, I packed some of my older projects with me to do on my holiday.

I opted to complete a pair of socks I knitted the first of over two years ago and merrily undertook the work.  Having established that the needles I’d (relatively) recently bought were the size I thought was right, I started.  After only a short while I realised the gauge was too small, so on a visit to a knitting shop bought the next size up, and restarted.  The sock was duly knitted each day, with me reaching the last 2 inches before the toe earlier today.  I was delighted, as was the Mrs who was looking forward to her socks – both of them.

Then, having had this nagging feeling throughout that the sizing was wrong, I checked the size of the three different needles I had to see whether I was using the right ones.

The 2.5mm fitted perfectly into their marker on my measure, as did the first of the 2.25mm ones (I had an odd needle with me).  When I came to put the final set of 2.25mm needles into the marker I discovered quite why the gauge was wrong on my knitted work – they were only 2mm needles.  While that difference might seem very tiny, I compared the socks and established that the second one was significantly bigger than the first. 

It meant to my great frustration that I had to undo 5 days worth of knitting and an almost complete sock.  Gutting!

2 thoughts on “A Knitting Disaster

  1. Gutted!
    That sounds extremely frustrating. Hope you find the will to reknit the second sock at some point.

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