A long time ago, I blogged about my first sock, and that inspired me to carry on knitting socks. Well, it inspired me for a few months during which time I made two complete socks from differing patterns and two half socks which matched. That’s the way they stayed until lent. After finishing the baby clothes I thought I’d pick up the unfinished projects and see where that took me.

I am delighted to say that of those three pairs of socks which were started 2 years ago, two have been completed and one completely undone.

These ones ended up with very different heels and I couldn’t remember what I’d done, so I undid them to have another go some time. The yarn is lovely – it’s hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester yarn. Unfinished Sock
The pink ones have a heart pattern on them, and were themed for Valentines Day. They are now finished after quite some time as they were the first pair of this batch to be started. They are made of lovely hand-dyed Merino yarn.
Pink Sock Pink Sock Detail
The next pair are the nicest I’ve made yet. The yarn is Alpaca which is hand-dyed and it’s so, so soft. The nightmare with it is that it’s very easy to get in a knot, and the mrs spent lots of the weekend painstakingly undoing the mess I’d got the spare yarn into.
Alpaca Sock Detail Alpaca Socks
The final pair of socks were started on holiday after the Knitting Disaster, and are a pattern I made up as I went along. I like it when things work out, and they’re close enough to my size so I’m actually getting a pair. They’re made of Regia Designer Sock yarn, so they are neither hand spun nor dyed like the other socks. While perfectly fine to knit with they weren’t as much fun so I’ve reverted to the nicer yarns for the current project, which I’ll share in good time.

7 thoughts on “Socks

  1. Yeah, it is the Jaywalker pattern. I had so much fun knitting it I forgot when to stop and had to undo a lot to make them fit the Mrs’ feet. Oops.

    The one I’m currently working on is knitting up really quickly and nicely so I’ll be pleased to have that one done too.

  2. Oooh, I love them all, but may I ask where you got the pattern for the first pair? The blue-faced Leicester ones. I am coveting, shamelessly.

  3. The pattern came with the yarn as part of a sock club from fyberspates. It’s a repeat of 7 on the cuff and main body of the sock. The cuff is *k2 p k2 p2*. The body is 1 row *yo k5 k2tog* then 1 row knitted. That’s just repeated until you get to heels and toes of your choice.

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