Next week should, subject to results, be my final local preachers meeting on Trial. As part of it I will be completing an interview on 2 of John Wesley’s Sermons (The Almost Christian and The Use of Money) as well as doing a follow up interview about progress throughout my training and since I was interviewed last (when I prepared some reflections on the journey so far).

It also means the time has come for me to choose the Bible to request as an accreditation gift. For me this is far more exciting than having a service to mark the occasion or finishing the course etc. It’s been a while since I was given a Bible and I wouldn’t necessary want to use my Adventure Bible or my rainbow covered Good News Bible for preaching from. As such this is a nice opportunity to get something quite good and much more appropriate to a) adulthood and b) my current approach to the Bible.

What would you pick if you could ask for anything, well anything to an upper price limit? For those who have already been at this stage, what did you choose when you were given the opportunity? I quite fancied this one but can’t seem to find it close enough to the upper price limit.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Bibles

  1. I went for this one:
    Which was just about my upper limit (£25), but is a really nice looking Bible and has good notes. I’m not a huge fan of the NIV but its what my church uses predominately, so it made sense for me, and i’ve already got an NRSV.

    I had my recognition service on Sunday, and I hated it – not keen on being the centre of attention! Godd luck with your interviews, I did the Almost Christian for mine too (as someone else was interviewed on “the catholic spirit” the time before).

  2. I went for the one you’re looking at but not in the leather version.

    Melissa I know what you mean about being the centre of attention!

    NC hope the interview goes well, sure you’ll be fine 🙂

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