Random socks

Has anyone (other than me) come across a book called “Coloured Socks” which formed part of the Zebra Easy Learning and was published in 1983? Unsurprisingly it’s about socks. Regular readers may know I’m rather keen, if not mildly obsessed with (knitting) socks.

As my socks are being requested by a fair variety of people, I’ve decided to start selling them and other creations drawn from my knitting stash. Having sold a couple of pairs while at home, there was a suggestion that I brand but I need a name. The winning suggestion so far is related to the above book, but you kinda need to know the story for it to make sense so I’m curious to know whether anyone else will understand what I’m on about if I opt for ‘Benbo buns’.

5 thoughts on “Random socks

  1. Sorry, i’ve never heard of it, so the reference means nothing to me. Perhaps i’ve led a sheltered life…?

  2. i donno either, but i think branding your work is an excellent idea!
    …what about these?
    – sock monkey
    – comfort patterns
    – gleeful feet
    – warm ‘n toasty
    – feelin’ feety

  3. The book is about a small boy whose older sister is trying to get him dressed. After trying on the red socks, and the yellow ones etc then throwing them everywhere the boy tells his sister he wants the rainbow ones: the benbo buns. Basically he wants the best of all the socks, and that’s what I liked about it.

    That and the fact that I grew up listening to the story so it has a more than slight level of reminiscing associated with it.

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