A fresh start

Lent is something which, over the time since starting blogging has meant different things. Some have been memorable for the good reasons (my first lent on this blog in particular) and some less so. So this year it seems as good a time as any to restart blogging and update on where the Mrs and I find ourselves.

I note from looking back, that I have rarely blogged in the last few years, but rather than look back over what has gone (except where necessary) this marks a fresh start. The Mrs and I moved to a new city and over the last few months have been setting up our home and settling into the new circumstances. A significant part of this is that, as seems appropriate amongst the wibloggers, it’s my turn to be a mature student. Now has finished her studies and is drawing to the end of hers, I have re-entered the academy. It’s been 10 years since I first went to uni, and I am enormously fortunate that I was able to get in before tuition fees go up, something which will significantly affect future generations of mature students. Certainly I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I’d had to wait until this September to start. However important that is, however, it is not the reason for writing this evening.

It’s about fresh starts, and I am relishing mine at university where I’m studying Theology and Religious Studies. There is much of interest in the course and in the broader environment of being (back) at uni. The madness of this is that over the last 10 years, I have been associated with different aspects of higher education for all but one year of that time! It is a little strange to have gone from being a chaplain to being an undergrad, but at least it’s not all within the same organisation! With the course emphasis being both on the study of religion as well as theology, it is really interesting to see the way in which my experiences working within a religious tradition are as relevant as the way in which I (and we in the broader church) understand and relate to notions of God, as well as doctrine and belief.

It’s hard to believe we’re half way through the second semester, but it is proving to be a valuable and rewarding change of direction. The first semester results are back, and are a solid foundation to move on with. I am really enjoying the department’s book group, and the knitting society is leading to a vast amount of productivity. In the last month, I’ve made 3 hats, finished a soft toy and mostly made a cardigan for a baby. As I rather enjoy chronicling by knitting progress, I should offer a warning that future posts may well be rather knitting themed…!

I will not make any promises as to the frequency of future blog posts but it’s nice to use the start of lent to mark this fresh start.

One thought on “A fresh start

  1. It is a true joy to hear from you again.

    And congratulations on the return to study, and great to read it is valuable and rewarding change of direction; and congratulations as well as all that you have accomplished — and I look forward to reading, and seeing the results of, your knitting adventures.

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