Hatsensochs: On The Needles

When I last blogged, I threatened a knitting update. As this post will testify, I have definitely been knitting but also not so good at finishing things off. So, this update is what is currently on the go, and with one exception they fall into the category of hats ‘en socks. It’s worth noting that there are also pieces of a tea cosy on the go but they’ve been in that state for a couple of years now.

So, the current pieces are:

Herringbone Scarf

A scarf for Mr Cooper (which doesn’t seem to photograph well… oh, the problem of black yarn)

It’s from this pattern: Herringhone Scarf (pdf), and is made with Rowan Felted Tweed DK

It needs to be blocked which is something I’ve not done before. This seems to involve getting it damp and stretching it so it can relax into the right shape. I hope that if I have misunderstood this, someone will let me know.


Stripey Socks for the Mrs

Stripey Socks for the Mrs.

The Mrs seems to do quite well with socks, as they frequently end up being the right size for her… as if by magic. Unlike ones for me (see below). These are very cool as they solve a problem with the Zauberball which annoys me… as the colour change is so subtle you end up with a stripe at the heel. By making the stripes like this, you get lots of stripes so it doesn’t matter. This is a pattern I’m making up as I go along.


Effervesce Socks

Effervesce Socks for Me.

These socks *might* be the first ones I’ve made which actually fit me. My feet aren’t so short and there is still a risk I’m going to run out of yarn before finishing the second one. I’ve weighed it and think there might be just enough but time will tell. The pattern I’m using is and the yarn is Admiral Bambus.


Leaf Hat   Owl Hat

Hats for Sarah

I offered to make Sarah a hat, but she liked these patterns (Who? or Leaf Hat) so I knitted them both. They’re made from Rowan Tapestry, which is very sadly discontinued. 🙁 They both just need finishing touches sorting then will be on their way, along with…


Crazy Socks

Mad Socks

Another case of ‘whoever they fit’ came with this pattern: Spring Forward; and Sarah happened to be the latest victim. They’re made from Rico Superba Mexico which I think holds the dubious privilege of being my least favourite sock yarn to date, that said it’s still not bad at all but sits in contrast with the yarn mentioned below. Sorry Sarah.


All the above things which need sending need to be done by the end of the month, so they can beat the postage rise. It’s not so cheap to send things any more so hopefully they’ll get done in time.

There are two more things on the go which will be delivered in person, hopefully. And guess what, they’re both socks!

Purple Cachoeira Socks Berry Owlie Socks

The ones on the left are the lovely Cachoeira Socks made from the even more lovely Flamboyance Yarns Gallant in Space Oddysey yarn. I think it may be the nicest yarn I’ve ever knitted with, and some of the most vibrant colours.

The ones on the right are possibly the coolest pattern I’ve knitted; Owlie Socks and they are made from Ripples Craft Bluefaced Leicester Sock Yarn in Crushed Blackberries.

Both pairs need to be done by June so not too long.


That’s not so bad really but tomorrow I’ll post the two items I’ve been finishing off the last two days. They’re a bit different to the rest, and therefore don’t count as Hats ‘en socks.


It seemed an appropriate time to update this post with my current knitting. On Monday I’ll be standing to join the committee for the Knitting Society at university. It will be the first time I’ve formally been involved in knittingness, and as such it seems a good idea to keep track of what I’m working on. Ravelry generally keeps track of most of it for me, but it’s good to keep my own record too. So now is just the challenge to get the existing pieces finished off *before* moving onto the next ones… and there is some beautiful yarn just waiting for me… but it will have to wait until another day.

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