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Better than a postcard…

Nice things

I’ve been on holiday from w*rk this week. Normally when I’m on holiday I can’t forget about w*rk and end up thinking about it all week no matter how hard I try. This week has been different though. I went down to Devon to see the tar barrels (see below) and they were great but I was still really sad and was in bed by 23.30 despite the last barrel not being run until midnight. My sister said it was mad as the square (town centre) was so full. She almost got squashed by the barrel and that’s not normal – even by tar barrel standards.

On the Sunday we just took it easy but it was nice to spend time with mum and my sister, well, mostly. On Monday my grandparents moved into mum’s house at the start of a 2-3 week stay. They’re having a new bathroom fitted as grandad is not mobile enough to cope with the current one. Also the old one is a fairly unique shade of vivid but not pleasant pink. It’ll be great when it’s done. Mum wasn’t well enough to go to school that day so all five of us got to spend some time together then we had a bonfire in the evening, complete with sparklers. It was really nice.

On Tuesday I spent the day with nandad and made them lunch which was something of a shock. I was supposed to come home that day but, for the first time in my memory, I decided that I’d had such a nice time that I stayed another night. On the whole, it was a really lovely time.

Wednesday was cool too – despite getting up at an unearthly hour of the morning. I met up with a couple of friends for lunch, did a little shopping then came home and did some painting. Okay, that makes it sound more exciting than it really was. I painted some canvasses in solid colours. There’s really nothing special about them other than that I painted them the colours they are now. I’ve not really painted in about 10 years so that was a surprise too. I’m also trying to extend my knitting repertoire as I can only do stocking stitch which makes me feel really crafty. Also something rather unusual.

All in all it’s been a really nice week with some lovely lie-ins, great opportunities to catch up with friends (it was also a friend’s birthday party tonight) and get to know some of them better, to do some crafts and generally chill out. It’s been really quite a good week.

Could do with more time though. I always say that I’ll sort my flat out during my holidays and never do.

Travelling again

Tar Barrels

So, do you fancy a go? Even just to watch? I’m off to the annual Tar Barrels again soon. I’m quite looking forward to it. It’s always a good atmosphere. In the meantime I’m going to Leeds and Southampton. And the week after I get back I’m going to Israel. It’s so hard having a jet setting life.

When I went to church this morning, it was good to know the gossip network had been in operation – and at it’s usual level of accuracy. 😉 I was asked how my travellign went, so I replied “well, thanks”. To which the next question was how I’d enjoyed Israel. I had to explain that I haven’t been yet and the poor woman was confused as to where I had been. I think a better question is where haven’t I been over the last three weeks, and I’m familiar with the services that MANY different train operators have to offer (or not). My absence was noted too. “We haven’t seen you for while” was quite common. It’s nice to belong but I can only go to church once in the next FIVE Sundays. Maybe they’ll change they’re mind about local preacher training. (Seriously, my attendance will improve after I’ve got September, October and November out of the way – silly student workers!)

After Greenbelt

Oops. I archived this the first time.

Greenbelt was brilliant. I definitely went to more things last year but this year was just a lovely opportunity to meet with people. I saw Dave almost everywhere I went and got a copy of his cartoon booklet from the Church Times Stall which was very near the SCM stall. We had our new publicity on display which was sooooo cool. It’s a whole series of really sweet cartoon characters and it’s the first time they’ve been on display. People definitely seemed to like them although we did get a lot of questions about what a whovian is, as one of the pictures is of a whovian. It entertained me when Sophs’ dalek was onsite. A whovian is a Dr Who fanatic, just as a trekkie is a Star Trek fanatic. It was good to see Sophs again.

I only managed to go to the sessions I was involved in running, and I didn’t make it to the wibmeet. I really wanted to meet Fishsoup and Dave K, I think, the only wibloggers who I hadn’t met before and didn’t meet during the weekend. I particularly wanted to meet Fishsoup as she had been my WISEe. I also haven’t met the non-wibsite bloggers who were on the Greenbelt thread. I saw lots of Tractor Girl (sometimes accompanied by Third Party), Jack working hard, Alice and Benjamin, Sarah, Excited Rainbow Girl (who was definitely excited and Rainbowed), Carrie Bradshaw and Tall Girl and Mr Tall Girl. I also think I met Jacqui but in an entirely different hat on so got confused. It doesn’t take a lot.

I think that my sessions went well but it’s always hard to judge when you’re leading them. We packed the speakers section of the Christian Aid tent on Saturday which was brilliant. I really think that the workshop which looked at the Jewish Oral law tradition is facinating and it was really good to see all sorts of people engaging with it.

I still haven’t removed by wrist band yet. I just got used to it being there. I must remember to do it otherwise I’ll forget for ages. 😉

Oh, and a message for Smudgie – I’m going to meet with the Superintendent two weeks today but I’ve never met him before so there is a lot to discuss and probably a long way to go before anything happens. Don’t you just love cryptic comments on blogs. BTW, Smudgie, did the post cards from Mum arrive?


I think the time has come to tell people what I’m going to be involved in at Greenbelt seeing as it has been hinted at on the boards.

I will be working on the SCM stall for some of the weekend along with a number of able and willing volunteers. I will also be involved in Student Space which will be in Olive between 6 and 7 on the Saturday night. It is called ‘That which Sustains Us’ and is a collaberation between SCM, SPEAK and Christian Aid’s Higher Education Unit. There will be the opportunity to explore campaigning and holistic leaving. The session will conclude with a reflective worship time on the theme of the Four Elements.

On the Sunday afternoon I’ll be jointly running a session called ‘Become a Rabbi’ with someone from the Council of Christians and Jews. It will be an introduction to the tradition of Mishnah and seeing how we can use it today to help us when looking at ethics. This will be held in the Christian Aid tent between 4 and 5.

I’m hoping to make it to Dave’s panel on blogging but I can’t remember when that is. I’m also hoping to meet up with people from all sorts of places including the Wibsite, the Ship, Uni chaplaincy as it is now, SCM of course, the convent and all sorts of other random places. It should be good and I’ll be pleased if I can average meeting one person from each place.

When I first went to Greenbelt, I hated it. I didn’t know anyone and, as I’ve mentioned before, I was blinded by science. Last year I couldn’t wander around the site without bumping into people I knew. I’m sure this year is going to be more interesting as I know far more people than I did. It should still be good.

I’ve also got to the point of checking out my tent. I’ve put it up in the living room and it still looks decidedly like a tent. It is also big enough for me which is progress from last year. Silly tents for children ;). I’ve got a new sleeping bag and rucksac ready. I’ve been doing washing to make sure I’ve got the right clothes clean. I do still need to buy food and pack but I’ll do that later in the week.

Oh, following mentioning the lovely old lady in my block of flats. I found out that 70 years was actually a spot on guess for our age difference, give or take a couple of months. Anyway, she died at the end of last month which was a real shame, but she was 93 which is a very respectable age. My thoughts and prayers have been with her friends and family.

*quick wave*


I know I’ve been absent for a little while – I mean nearly a month without a word. How dare I?!

Things have been a little busy. This time last month I was at the SCM conference. If you didn’t see any comments about it, Sophs and Sarah posted about it. It was good to see that they enjoyed it. Since then I have been on a mad tour of the country including Bristol, Bath, Swansea, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Bangor, Liverpool, Manchester, Radcliffe, Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough. It certainly was mad! It was good to see people all over the place and I’d specifically like to wave at the Swansea Massive! While I was on my travels I saw Alice and Benjamin who both seem very well. I have a photo that I will *try* and upload at some point. Benjamin is sweet and it was really lovely to be able to stay with them both.

I have done so much lately though, and I cannot remember everything that has happened.

I’m currently staying with family for Easter and Mum and I are going to the Peak District next week. It’s been quite funny though as me and the lady from the B and B got so confused that I originally booked for the wrong week. Oops. It’s sorted now.

Anyway, I’ll be off.

Party Update

I’ve finally got round to rearranging my Ann Summers party. I’ve put it off for a week so it is now

*Wednesday November 24th 2004*

If I have double booked myself, or you want to come, please let me know. Also if you want more information, it’s available at www(dot)annsummers(dot)com. I’m not putting it as a normal link as it’s only supposed to be seen by those aged over 18.

I did get offered a Friday Night but it’s November 19th and I’ll be at the SCM AGM, see I got offered a Saturday too – December 4th and I’ll be in Snowdonia with Ship folk. Oh to have a weekend of piece and quiet…